Wedding Bells in Switzerland, or, How (not) to organise your wedding…

The fifth and last …in Switzerland novella is out, and to celebrate, the first, A Lake in Switzerland, is absolutely free for a few days! So if you haven’t tried the novellas yet, grab A Lake… and see how you like visiting N.E. Switzerland. (download links at the bottom of the post)

So what went wrong at the wedding? No spoilers here, but Stacy and Rico had some surprising encounters during their wedding, which was in two parts, with the honeymoon in between. That’s what I had too, for my Swiss-UK wedding, but fortunately for my family, the resemblance to my wedding and Stacy’s ends there…

Let’s have a look at some of the places Stacy and Rico visited on their honeymoon, starting out in the lovely Bernese Oberland, where they saw the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains.

While there, they visited Ballenberg, an open air museum with examples of different kinds of old traditional buildings from all over Switzerland, like the one below.

Then it was on to Berne, where they saw the old town and the River Aare, and of course…

…the bears, who have a lovely new bear park by the river.

From there, they went to Basel, and sat with their feet in the Rhine like the people below. (I’ve done that too, it’s wonderful, after a hard day’s sightseeing.)

That was the last stop in the Swiss part of the honeymoon – we’ll catch up with the rest another time.

First appearance in the category charts…

To find Wedding Bells in Switzerland in your local Amazon Store, click HERE, and for A Lake in Switzerland, free atm, click HERE. I hope you enjoy reading about my beautiful adopted country as much as I enjoyed writing about it!

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