The Cover Art: Wedding Bells in Switzerland…

The fifth and final novella in my ‘…in Switzerland‘ series will be out later this month – and this time, it’s the wedding! Organising a wedding is never easy, and when the two familes concerned live in separate countries, you’re bound to get extra complications thrown in (as I know…).

Here’s the amazing cover art, huge thanks to James at Go On Write for getting it exactly right! Thanks also to the team at Fabrian Books, to Julia Gibbs for her proofreading skills, and to Yvonne Betancourt for formatting the word doc so quickly.


A wedding… that’s a happy time with love and laughter and catching up with old friends – isn’t it? But Stacy has problems she didn’t anticipate when it comes to organising this one.

The mother of the bride has been watching too many old films, something is troubling the bridesmaid, and above all, a mysterious guest called MJ is about to descend on the hotel – but Stacy and Rico have no idea who it is. And that’s before the emergency services of two countries start getting involved…

And even when the honeymoon starts in the lovely Bernese Oberland, it isn’t long before blue lights and sirens have Stacy’s pulse racing again. Surely wedding bells have never been this complicated?

I was sorry to say goodbye to Stacy & Co, but they’ve done very well, considering I started out to write one novella only. I’ve really enjoyed travelling around Switzerland – and neighbouring Germany and Austria – with my characters. I’ve visited all the places mentioned in the series, and apart from Grimsbach, the little village where the Lakeside Hotel is situated, all the locations are real and I have happy memories of each and every one of them. Watch out for some picture posts later this summer!

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4 Responses to The Cover Art: Wedding Bells in Switzerland…

  1. barbtaub says:

    Lovely cover! I can’t wait to read the last book.

    Liked by 1 person

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