What (not) to do when you rerelease a book…

As of yesterday, The Paradise Trees is available again on kindle, with the new-cover paperback coming in September. I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve had from the writing and blogging community – you’ve made it so much easier than it might have been, so big thanks all round.

So far, there are just two things I’d have done differently for my re-launch day. People, it is a seriously bad idea to start rearranging your website gallery page from past down to present, to present down to past, on the morning of your re-launch. #whatwasIthinking  And yes, I know 2016 and 2017 still aren’t quite right…
And – if you have one day in the week where you have remnants of your old day job to do, it’s best to avoid releasing your book then too. After all, there are six other days…

However, The Paradise Trees is out there again. I was invited over to Dave Sivers’ blog to answer some Killer Questions. You can read those HERE.
And lovely Neats has an extract on her blog HERE.
And equally lovely Katy has a different extract HERE.
And the first ‘new’ review is HERE on Sarah Hardy’s blog.

Thank you all SO MUCH. We have more blog visits coming up over the next few days, but more about them another time. To finish off with, here’s Maroni, aka Conker in my book. He was an ex-neighbour’s dog and the friendliest creature ever, even if he did spend a lot of his time blocking our driveway…

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8 Responses to What (not) to do when you rerelease a book…

  1. barbtaub says:

    Great cover for an already great book! Good luck with relaunch.

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  2. mmwb10 says:

    Just going shopping to get my Kindle copy of The Paradise Trees. Congratulations on the re-release, Linda. At least you’ll know exactly how to do it perfectly next time (unless, like me, you forget everything you’ve learned about what not to do and do it all wrong a second time!).

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  3. Aw, bless you. Congratulations on the re-launch. And that dog is gorgeous. He’s like a bear! x

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  4. Beautiful cover, Linda. The book is on my Kindle now! And ah, that sweetheart of a dog!

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    • lindahuber says:

      Thanks, Christa! Maroni was amazing – a real gentle giant. Mind you, when he lay down on the driveway, that was him on the driveway until he decided it was time to go… 🙂


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