Holiday in Switzerland, anyone?

Imagine having the chance to spend a week in a hotel by a lovely Swiss lake, all expenses paid. That’s what happens to Stacy in my soon-to-be-published novella, A Lake in Switzerland.

Just before the story starts, Stacy is wondering what to do with her life. A newly-trained nurse, she’s taking a break from treating patients to help out in the family stationery business – does she really want to work in an acute hospital? Stacy isn’t sure. The problem is, her fiancé David is a final year medical student with a dream of working in a trauma unit – and he’s keen for Stacy to work beside him.

Meanwhile, Stacy’s best friend Emily is recovering from a car accident which almost cost her a leg. She’s frustrated by her slow progress and lack of mobility – will she ever be able to run and dance again? Then Emily’s dad wins a holiday for two in a Swiss hotel by a lake, and passes his prize on to Emily, who invites Stacy to come with her.

So in chapter one, on a sunny day in May, the girls arrive in north-east Switzerland for a week of mountain scenery, fresh air, and pampering.
What could possibly go wrong??!

The photo above is Lake Constance, and the Lakeside Hotel where Stacy and Emily spend that fateful week is in the fictional village of Grimsbach on the left-hand bank. Standing by the lake, the girls would see across to Germany on the opposite bank, and Austria on their right. It’s a beautiful spot – I know, I live just a few miles away from where Grimsbach would be. I had great fun writing in a ‘local’ setting for a change.

A Lake in Switzerland is now up on pre-order on Amazon, kindle only for now. And it’s a snip at 99p/c, so go on, treat yourselves to a wee holiday in sunny Switzerland!
Click HERE to view on Amazon.



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6 Responses to Holiday in Switzerland, anyone?

  1. mmwb10 says:

    That sounds a wonderful story, Linda, and a perfect accompaniment to my early morning frothy coffee (have just treated myself to a milk frother – and now your new book!). So I’ve placed my pre-order and feel pretty excited. Congratulations on the publication of ‘A Lake in Switzerland’ by your alter ego.

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  2. Helen Pollard says:

    Sounds lovely, Linda. Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Georgia Rose says:

    Great!! Pre-ordered, Linda. Hope it goes well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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