Ward Zero – out now!

cup-1096544_1280I honestly can’t remember when I started writing this one, but it was well before I started Chosen Child, back in October ’14. I like having different projects on the go. Ward Zero has been my main one this year – and here it is. The ebook is available now, and the paperback will follow in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I was on Alison Gray’s blog to celebrate the launch – she had some interesting questions for me!

Today (Sunday) we’re having a launch do on Facebook, organised by the lovely Maxine Groves – everyone’s invited! It starts at 19.00 UK time, so do pop in if you can. We’re having virtual bubbly and cake, and competitions with real-life prizes too.
Click HERE to see the fun!

So what’s next? For the past few weeks I’ve been researching and thinking about some points raised during the first edit of another book, and pretty soon I’ll get started on my revisions. The plan is to have it ready for another edit by the end of the year, and finished in time for an early summer release. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m off to get ready for the party – see you there!








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2 Responses to Ward Zero – out now!

  1. Congratulations. See you at the party!


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