Ward Zero – the cover…

Horror swept through her. Had she been buried alive?

I’m really pleased to be on the lovely blog belonging to book blogger Neats today – along with the cover of Ward Zero – the preorder is now open!

Ward Zero is my fifth psychological suspense novel; it’s the fourth I’ve worked on with my amazing editor, the third I’ve self-published and also the third cover I’ve made with the equally amazing Cover Collection. And the cover of this one was definitely the most fun, for reasons that deserve a blog post all to themselves sometime (soon).

So what’s it about?
Much of it’s set in a hospital, though I wouldn’t call it a ‘medical’ novel.
Someone is targetting old people, but the biggest victim is an eleven-year-old-girl.
The main character is Sarah, whose family isn’t related to her – but they’re still family.

You can see the cover and read more about it by clicking on The Haphazardous Hippo’s blog!

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