garbage-157110_1280One of the best parts about being a writer is the friendship and support we get from other writers. When things are going well, we can pat each other’s backs and cheer; when they aren’t, it makes a big difference to have a shoulder to cry on – especially when the shoulder’s owner can sympathise from personal experience. It’s a lovely, friendly community.

Jane Isaac and I ‘met’ in late 2013 when she joined the Legend Press family, and we’ve been in regular contact ever since. Like me, she writes crime novels, though unlike mine, hers are police procedurals. Today, I’m recycling the blog post she put up last week – the Chosen Child Blog Tour post which was delayed due to problems with Jane’s website.

environment-1019749_1280She gave me an interesting theme to talk about – creating characters, and you can read the post here. The one character in Chosen Child who I could picture exactly – well before I ever started to write – is Soraya, the child, and I tell Jane all about it in the article. (As an added extra there’s a scenic pic of Rapperswil in Switzerland, where my older son is studying Environmental Engineering.)

thank-you-944631_1280I’ll finish off with a big ‘thank you’ to Jane and all the other writers who have helped and supported me over the past almost-three years – I hope I’ve been as much support to some of you at least! And wow – only three years. It feels like much longer. In a positive way, of course…





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2 Responses to Recycling…

  1. Nice post on Jane’s blog, Linda. I love the story of seeing the girl on the train and later developing a novel around her. Wow–we never know what chance encounters may take us as writers, eh? I especially loved this: “It takes a lot of thinking to create a character, especially those who are the bad guys. They still need something that tugs at the reader’s heart. No one is all bad.”
    Really nice!
    Cheers and have a great week.
    P.S. I’m hoping to host you on my blog, as soon as I finish “Chosen Child.”

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