Zeppelins, Highland Cows, and 38 Reasons you should never visit Scotland…

Continuing with the Facebook Scenic picture challenge:

Day Five and we’re in Friedreichshafen in Germany, which I can see across the lake from my flat in N.E. Switzerland. Friedreichshafen is the home of the Zeppelin – book your flight here.
Day Six: Back on the Isle of Arran today, with two family photos taken by me (scenery) and Son 1 (cow). Firstly, the beach at Whiting Bay, looking towards the Holy Isle. The cow is about 5oom further south, in the field by our friends’ home.
On Day Seven I posted a link to a series of lovely Scotland photos. How I wish I could take pics like these.

To finish off, let’s go on a whistle-stop tour of Scotland:



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4 Responses to Zeppelins, Highland Cows, and 38 Reasons you should never visit Scotland…

  1. barbtaub says:

    I’m so lucky to live in Scotland! Just got back in time for spring (yes, THAT day!) and it’s glorious.


  2. Oh, so beautiful, I totally want to visit here and take a go in the Zeppelin (I want! I want!). Cheers and hope you’re having a great weekend.

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