A week in (sunny) Scotland…

stairs-906719_1280A week isn’t a long time when you want to cram in family stuff, visiting friends, and book events – not to mention shopping in lovely UK shops. Highlight number one was meeting my brand new great-nephew, who was obliging enough not to howl when I had my turn at cuddling him. You forget how tiny week-old babies are…



Then it was off to the lovely Isle of Arran, where The Attic Room begins. Here’s the ferry loading at Ardrossan harbour (you can see the boat wasn’t exactly crowded but then it was Monday).


And here we are about halfway across:

IMG_0480It was a lovely two days on the island. I could look out over the view that Nina in my book would have, and feel the same (chilly September) wind in my hair. The view from my friends’ home is picture perfect; I could look at it all day…

IMG_0483…but I didn’t. There was a book group to meet, food to be eaten and more island to be seen:


And then it was back to Glasgow for more visits which included a coffee with American writer and reviewer Barb Taub. You can read about our chat here and her review of The Attic Room here.






There was the usual photo of The Duke of Wellington in Glasgow…











Nice to see Prince Albert has joined him wearing traffic cone headgear, too.








Glasgow was looking splendid in the sunshine,

IMG_0493IMG_0495though I sneaked off to Edinburgh for a day too, to meet more family,

castle-814993_1280before returning home to Switzerland to see how my woods had fared in my absence. Definitely a hint of autumn here now…




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12 Responses to A week in (sunny) Scotland…

  1. barbtaub says:

    A fabulous trip, and I can’t wait to see you back again!


  2. Fantastic pictures, and what a great time you had! I’m enjoying Scotland in the sun too – and although I’ve been here for three weeks so far I have the feeling I have been dashing about everywhere – definitely not relaxing but amazing time! See you back in Switzerland x


  3. Alison Gray says:

    Scotland is so beautiful in the sunshine! It looks and sounds as if you had a lovely time, even if it was very busy.


  4. Helen Pollard says:

    Wonderful set of photos, Linda – looks like you had a great week! I’m particularly impressed by the view from your friends’ home on Arran. Spectacular.


  5. Great photos, Linda. I’ve never been to Scotland. I was in England (London) for a few weeks. One day, perhaps, I’ll get a chance to visit your beautiful first home. I may have to set one of my novels there! 😉


  6. I so want that view from your friends’ home….


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