Summer 2015 has been a funny one here in the top right-hand corner of Switzerland. After the rainiest June ever, we had the hottest July for 150 years, and up until yesterday this month has been equally hot – alas, all good things come to an end. Today I am wearing socks.

The Attic Room has been out for three and a half weeks now and is doing well. I was really happy on the 11th August to see my third book hit number 267, and today it’s still in the top ten in all three of its categories, which is so much more than I ever expected. Royalties gained this far have now exceeded my costs for all editing, formatting and the book cover, so it’s so far, so good for the experiment ‘self-publishing’.

TARrankings11.8.15For the next couple of weeks I’m awarding myself a wee holiday, and I’ll leave you now to have a virtual walk in my woods.
Down through the trees to the path first of all,

IMG_0441then along through the dark part,

IMG_0438which leads to the sunny part,

IMG_0436and then you squeeze through the trees back to the flat

IMG_0443– and here’s today’s photo from the balcony.

IMG_0444‘Happy holidays’ to everyone reading this, thank you for the support and interest, and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with some more news from Switzerland. Have a good time till then!


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10 Responses to Holidays!

  1. I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather here too — from a bit north of you in Germany. Nice pictures! You just inspired me to take a break and go out.


  2. Ah, Linda. Beautiful pictures. I’ll be in Switzerland in winter once again. First of all, the flights are more reasonable and secondly, I have enough sun and warmth right here. So for me, the winter and its holidays are more enjoyable in Switzerland than in sunny California. This time, we’ll have to get together for sure. I’m spending November, December, and January there. Looking forward to the Gluehwein!


  3. jenanita01 says:

    If I lived with all those beautiful trees, I wouldn’t need a holiday!


  4. barbtaub says:

    Congrats on success of The Attic Room (I loved it!).

    I’m facing the return from Spain (hot and sunny) to Glasgow (not hot, and what is this thing you call sun?). Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


    • lindahuber says:

      Gosh, thanks Barb – you’re on my list of people to ask if they want a copy! I’ll buy you a coffee sometime instead. It’s holidays at home, but they’re often the most relaxing kind. Loved all your Spain blogs 🙂


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