Pictures and places…

seamill-252101_1280It’s been a long journey, but the best bit about writing The Attic Room was the fact that I could revisit the book locations in my head. I especially enjoyed the Scottish ones – the lovely Isle of Arran on the west coast (that’s it on the left), Edinburgh, where little Nina chased the squirrels in Princes St Gardens (see below) – even the Glasgow hospital where Nina visited Claire.


THE ATTIC ROOM EBOOK COMPLETEAnd now the first stage of the journey’s over. The Attic Room ebook is doing well, and the paperback’s available now too, in your local Amazon store. I have to admit I heaved a huge sigh of relief yesterday, when the paperback came out – after all the editing, formatting, cover-choosing, uploading – I was left with nothing more to do (except marketing and promotion and looking into rights-selling and…) for my new book.

So I started to clear up in my laptop, and found some more images we didn’t include in the three book trailers.




The Cold Cold Sea has the prettiest trailer. It’s easy to find great photos of Cornwall and the sea there.










I’m very fond of the trailer for The Paradise Trees because I made this one all by myself, apart from some help when I couldn’t persuade the credits to roll… Here’s a photo of the Yorkshire Dales, and one of some Yorkshire woodland.







And another of lovely Edinburgh.


So what’s next? Well – I started to organise the cover for book four yesterday. But that’s a story for a wintry day…

Meantime, here’s this week’s photo of our own lovely woods:



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6 Responses to Pictures and places…

  1. Great pictures Linda – and also a picture of the Cow and Calf Rocks in Ilkley! I think you can probably see the house where I grew up in the background(very tiny!) I really enjoyed the Attic Room and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.


    • lindahuber says:

      Thanks Alison! I was at the Cow and Calf Rocks again just last year, with my cousin, who lives in Ilkley. I didn’t realise you grew up nearby! Lots to talk about! 🙂


      • alisontaylorbailliewil says:

        It’s spooky how much we have in common! I lived there from the age of 8 untll I went away to university and my parents lived in the area until they died (my mother just two years ago). I don’t know if you’ve managed to read Sewing the Shadows Together yet but the reunion scenes are based on an Ilkley Grammar School one I went to a few years ago!


      • lindahuber says:

        I’m halfway through and loving it… Sarah is battling her way through shoppers on George Street now! You might know my cousins – but we’ll talk about that offline.


  2. jenanita01 says:

    Best wishes for The Attic Room, Linda…


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