Titles and covers and – new book!

800px-Hillhead_High_SchoolA couple of weeks ago I wrote about the problems of finding names for one’s children and pets. Once in place, however, christian names at least generally last their owners a lifetime, and as fashions come and go it’s often possible to guesstimate someone’s age from their name.
In my form class at secondary school we had – wait for it – six Annes, five Fionas, three Lindas, two Morags, two Christines and two Yvonnes. I don’t know if this made things easier for the teachers or not…

william-shakespeare-62936_1280Thinking up a name for your book can be tricky too. You want your title to grab people, make them wonder what it’s about, this book… I hit on The Paradise Trees one day when I was tidying the dining room. That book started life as Cat Summer – a novel for children. (There was a gentle ghost instead of a stalker and Grandpa was a lovely old guy.) When I realised it was going nowhere as a kids’ book I set about changing it into one for adults (exit the ghost and enter The Stranger) and called it A Midsummer Nightmare, to go with several references to A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the text. I wasn’t completely happy with this, but then one day The Paradise Trees popped into my head – sorted!

The Cold Cold Sea started life as Two for Joy, until I noticed that this had been done before. Does that matter? After all, people have the same names too, remember the six Annes etc etc. I know now it doesn’t matter – a romance and a thriller with the same title, published a year or two apart wouldn’t disturb each other at all, for instance. Still, I chased round the internet for days, looking for a title for my book, and eventually struck gold in a Swedish photo website.

question-230149_1280I was very glad too that Legend Press kept my titles – they didn’t have to; both the title and the book cover are up to the publisher. The cover is something else that should grab prospective readers. Mine were chosen by Legend Press and I think they work well in different ways – The Paradise Trees has more initial impact, while The Cold Cold Sea makes you look twice and think, right – but –  why…???

Now my third book is finished, and it’s something completely different, for me, at least, because I’m self-publishing this one. For one thing I’d like to have a book out this year too and am now way too late for anyone’s 2015 list, but the main reason is I’ve been circling round self-publishing ever since The Paradise Trees came out. It looked to me like a) fun and b) something that would go well with my expat lifestyle. Much to my relief Legend Press were very supportive, and I’m looking forward to the experience. At the moment I’m working on the cover and blurb and we’ll have both on the blog in a couple of weeks.

WBP_Blog_QuestionMark-23526_200x200The title of this new book is: The Attic Room. It’s set in different locations in Scotland plus the Bedford area in England, and tells the story of mother and daughter Claire and Nina. One of them has lied to the other about something very important, but takes the secret to her grave…
So… Where is this attic room? What happened there? And who lied?
Watch this space!





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16 Responses to Titles and covers and – new book!

  1. Georgia Rose says:

    Oooh intriguing Linda – I shall look forward to it and as I know the Bedford area reasonably well shall be interested in the setting too!!


  2. Love the title and am looking forward to the book. Attic–I used to play in the attic as a kid in our home in Switzerland and it was always mysterious, a little scary, with shadows and all kinds of secrets.


  3. Jools says:

    Your book sounds intriguing, and I hope you relish the self-publishing ‘adventure’.

    I chose a title which. I felt, worked well with the storyline of my novel, but was dismayed to discover there were several other books bearing the same title. I’d done a check when I started out, and was all clear, but for one non-fiction title, which I thought was fine. But the self-publishing river is a fast flowing one, and much changed in 4 years! That was one of many lessons…

    I can’t wait for your book!


    • lindahuber says:

      Thank you! In the end it doesn’t really matter if your title’s duplicated, I guess. Look at the number of doubles, trebles and quadruples there are on the market, and not only in self-publishing. Yours is a clever title 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m delighted to hear you will have a book out this year, Linda, and the plot snippet sounds intriguing with lots of scope for creepiness. Good for you, having a go at self-publishing. How exciting!


  5. jenanita01 says:

    Love the title, but then I love all your titles…


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