Singing Stones, #amwriting…

IMG_0365Last weekend, I was out celebrating an 80th birthday – an ex-boss’s birthday. A group of us visited a ‘Singing Stones’ workshop held by a local sculptor, Arthur Schneiter. (Click ‘Stilles Lauschen’, then minimise the page and listen while you’re reading on here – stones are making these sounds…) Having spent all week hunched over a laptop, I was fascinated to see creativity of a different kind in action. We even got to try the stones ourselves. Some are played by touching one stone with another (photo), others, like on ‘Stilles Lauschen’ are rubbed, massaged until the vibration between stone and hand creates a sound. You have to interact with these ones. It was amazing.

As well as the instrumental stones we saw a variety of sculptures large and small.

Some for inside, some for outside.

IMG_0362Some stood free, others were hung on the walls.

IMG_0359All were created in the workshop here.

IMG_0361I think when you spend a lot of time engaged in one particular form of creativity, it can be energising to try something quite different for a few hours. I had another amazing time making a collage at a home improvement seminar last year, just slapping cut-outs from furniture and art catalogues on a sheet of A3 paper to create a crazy mixture of colour and objects, mostly colour. The result didn’t come to this flat with us, but some day I might make another.

So now I’m back to #amwriting (the Twitter hashtag used to indicate that writing of some kind is in progress). I have two more psychological thrillers almost ready now; one has already been away to be edited, the other is still in the process. By mid-May I should have an idea about which/where/when; watch this space! So at the moment, as far as ‘writing’ is concerned, I’m spending half my time doing my share of the edits, and the other half tearing my hair out trying to make a new book trailer. Son 2 and I made trailers for my first two books (see Home page) but he doesn’t spend as much time here now… I have to say I prefer doing the edits…

This week’s woodland photo. I wish my camera could capture the depth of the greenery here.




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10 Responses to Singing Stones, #amwriting…

  1. Alison Gray says:

    WOW – that’s amazing. I can also feel the sound vibrating through my laptop keyboard 🙂


    • lindahuber says:

      It was so weird feeling the stone vibrating beneath my fingers, the sounds changing in depth according to pressure, speed etc. Some stones were more difficult to ‘set in motion’ than others, and some people couldn’t do it at all. It was a brilliant morning!


  2. These stones are amazing! Very much looking forward to your latest WIPs becoming new books. Have a great Sunday!


  3. Helen Pollard says:

    Absolutely fascinating, Linda. Certainly the most unusual post I’ve read this week!


    • lindahuber says:

      Thanks Helen. It was such a different kind of experience – massaging a stone and making it sound, feeling the tone go straight through you. Very intense.


  4. Georgia Rose says:

    I can’t hear this, for various reasons, but I agree Linda it is great time out to go and do some other creative activity for a while – a change is as good as a break, they say!


    • lindahuber says:

      Absolutely – works every time for me! Do have a listen if you get the chance on another device – it’s the weirdest sound, and when you think it’s a lump of stone being massaged by a person that’s making it… the mind boggles. Or mine did, anyway!


  5. Fascinating, Linda. You win the prize for the most original post! What a strange experience. It must have been very moving. Will look forward to news of the next book – also to seeing the next book trailer. The ones for The Cold Cold Sea and The Paradise Trees were so effective.


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