Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sister-hood-awardHuge thanks to Nillu Stelzer for nominating me for this award. I like the idea of sisterhood; like Nillu, I don’t have one, though many of the friendships forged in teenage years are still an important part of my life today. I met Nillu on Twitter shortly before she relocated to Geneva last year, and we arranged to spend a day together there a few months later.

It’s always odd meeting someone for the first time in real life. The thought circles your head, what if we have nothing to say to each other??? Nillu and I emailed and decided to go to the Red Cross Museum in Geneva. She met me at the station on a beautiful sunny autumn day, and we started to walk, theoretically towards the bus stop, but somehow we just carried on walking and talking and walking and talking, the sights and sounds of Geneva right there in the foreground and the sun hot on our backs. We walked and talked all day, with a few sitting breaks for refreshments…

And now I have a blog award. The idea is I answer Nillu’s questions, then nominate seven other female bloggers to answer my questions. Off we go:

200px-ArthurRansome_SwallowAndAmazonsWhat was the first book you got lost in?
Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons, a seventh or eighth birthday present from my Aunt Pam. I’d loved the TV series and I loved the book even more.

Which animal would you like to be and why?
A cat, because I’m definitely a cat person even though I’m allergic to them.

What and where is your favourite restaurant?
I don’t think it’s there now but I have very fond memories of The Ghandi Indian restaurant in Glasgow. Saturday night, out for a drink in The Maggie, on to The Ghandi… happy days!

Where is your safe place?
My home. It’s my favourite place – wherever home is. I recently moved from a house to a temporary flat, and I’ll be moving into the permanent flat next month – they are all home and they are all my safe place and the place I would choose to be.

Describe a moment from your childhood which makes you smile.
My little friend David and I, riding down the hill perched on Beano annuals tied to roller skates. Those were the days of the skinned knees and torn clothes. Our mums were not amused…

cornwall-96201_640Which of your own creations has meant the most to you and why?
The Cold Cold Sea, because I have such good memories of Cornwall. Running down the beach and into the water, holding on to someone’s hand as those huge, wonderful waves came crashing over my head. I could almost smell the ocean all the time of writing.

If you could spend the day with anyone from history, who would you choose and what would you do?
I would choose Anne Boleyn, and we would have a good rummage through her wardrobe and see exactly what women wore at that time.

220px-Nw171Name a song which would get you on the dance floor or which you sing to lift your mood.
I found myself singing Karma Chameleon just this morning! 🙂

Which one book would you recommend to your friends and why?
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It’s such an unexpected book. I don’t often read books with a supernatural component, but it’s fascinating, the way Susie sees the events that unfold after her death.

Which three places in the world have you really enjoyed being?
The Isle of Arran, the Maldives, and right here in Arbon in Switzerland.

I’m passing the award on to writers/bloggers Jane Isaac, Susanna Bavin, Natasha Ahmed, Julie Stock, Susie Fiddes, Georgia Rose and Sharon Booth. If you take it on, lovely, if you can’t, it doesn’t matter – as ‘sisters’, we don’t need to explain!

My questions are:

Do you have a ‘sister’?
What’s your favourite memory of primary school?
Who would you invite to dinner, and why?
And what would you cook for them?
Which fictional character would you like to be?
Can you remember your first glass of wine?
What’s your favourite colour?
Tell us about your first teenage crush.
Why do you blog?
What do you hope to achieve in 2015?

Over to you, sisters…



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2 Responses to Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Georgia Rose says:

    Great post Linda and thanks so much for passing this onto me!! I shall aim to do it in the next couple, or so weeks 🙂 Love the idea of you perched on your Beano annual as you roller skate!!


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