Seven weeks and counting… Stuff…

IMG_0164Seven weeks on Tuesday we get the keys to the new flat. My mind is beginning to reel – I genuinely thought that having done all this just a year and a half ago, the upcoming move would be a walk in the park in comparison. Well, it’s not. Never mind that in 2013 we were downsizing from seven rooms in the house plus three in the cellar, to a flat with four rooms and a cellar compartment to store Stuff – that WAS harder, wasn’t it??? Never mind that I already have all the important phone numbers, and that the removal people remember us from last time… moving house is Just.Hard.Work.

IMG_0315So now we have seven weeks plus of controlled chaos before us. This is the royal ‘we’; I really mean ‘I’, because I’m the only one who actually cares about home being chaotic. Son 2 moved to his new student flat several weeks ago, helpfully taking most of his furniture and all his Stuff with him. Son 1 moved quite a lot of his Stuff to his new student flat last week, helpfully taking my bookcases with him… Boxes and boxes and boxes of books are now sitting in the living room. But that leaves you with extra bedroom space for boxes and Stuff, I hear you say. Theoretically it does, but somehow it hasn’t worked out like that yet. Son 2’s room is full of Stuff that’s waiting to be dealt with or disposed of, and son 1’s room is full of Stuff he hasn’t taken – yet. Son 1 is into Stuff in a big way. So my book boxes stay in the living room.

IMG_0313Tomorrow, a friend is coming to take two tables and four chairs away to be painted for the new flat. So we’ll have garden furniture inside for a while. No problem. What is a problem is all the other Stuff – everywhere you look there’s Stuff – and you think – Do we need this? Do I want it? Have I actually used it since the last move?

The trouble with a temporary flat is you know it’s only temporary, so you don’t bother to make it more… permanent. The two large-sized tins of haggis have been on the office bookshelf almost since we moved in because they weren’t disturbing anyone and nobody took the time to put them in a better place. It’s too early to start serious packing, of course, so all this Stuff is lying around, mocking me – ‘Here I am and you’re going to have do something with me very soon now and it’s going to be a WHOLE lot of work…’


Ah well. Be nice when it’s finished. All suggestions welcome…


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10 Responses to Seven weeks and counting… Stuff…

  1. Jools says:

    Wishing you well, Linda. I last moved home 15 years ago and I still recall the chaos. It doesn’t help that you’ve been ‘temporary’ for a while either. But… but… soon it will be over and you will be able to settle again. Meantime, make a cup of tea and treat yourself to a biscuit or two. Very best of luck with your move.


  2. Georgia Rose says:

    I’m sending you all good wishes for this move Linda but I can’t offer any tips at all I’m afraid – I’ve never moved. The house I live in now was the one we bought when we married and since then we’ve gradually filled it with ‘stuff’ – I couldn’t even face the thought of clearing it all out now ready for a move….so I shall be staying put!! Hope it goes well for you 🙂


  3. You are so nearly there Linda! Seeing as its Burns Night, get stuck into the tinned haggis – one less thing to de-clutter! Must admit daughter number one’s room (me) at my parents house has changed very little in the last 30 years – time to get sifting!! Have a great Sunday.


    • lindahuber says:

      Your room at your parents’ house is probably a real treasure trove now, Susie – go and see what you can find! That’s the problem really, when you have the space your possessions just expand to fill it. As for the haggis, son 1 wants to make it into – wait for it – haggis burgers… sometime… I’m not taking those tins to the new flat so watch this space for haggis burger pics!

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  4. I’m having flashbacks. Thanks, Linda! We moved coast to coast in the US two years ago and down-sized, simplified and changed our approach to ‘stuff’ in a big way. We took another step toward even further down-sizing a few months ago when we moved yet again, this time into an 800+ square foot flat in yet another part of the country. I kept thinking, “this won’t be bad. I’ve already gotten rid of so much stuff.” Ha! The universe laughs at the hopeful. I found more and more useless (to us) stuff to donate, sell or pass on. Now we’re living small, opting for experience over ownership of stuff and enjoying every minute of it. Don’t look back! Let your belongings have a new life with somebody else.


    • lindahuber says:

      You’re absolutely right – and stuff has a habit of expanding to fill the space available to it! Moving out of the house was a real eye-opener for us. And here we are again with all this stuff… but we’re going to get on top of it! 🙂


  5. TanGental says:

    Stuff, Glorious, Stuff. I sympathise. We haven’t moved for 25 years (groan) but I moved my Mum from the family home of 35 years in 2008 and I still bear the scars (mostly trying to persuade her that downsizing meant losing some Stuff – how does anyone need six measuring jugs and 13 pyrex bowls?). Best of luck


    • lindahuber says:

      Thanks! We did the measuring jugs/pyrex bowls bit last time; now it’s more the multitude of bits + pieces that are just hard to pack/unpack – and the thought of getting every single thing you own out of one flat and into another. But we’ll get there. Hopefully…

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