How to mix social media with real life writing…

This has been a busy week – thanks to social media, as well as having a real-life event in St Gallen on Friday 28th, I’ve been guest on two writing blogs, one on either side of the Atlantic.

The Paradise Trees coverBut first things first – on Friday evening I was in the Migros Club School in St Gallen talking about the journey to publication and about The Paradise Trees – there was a really nice crowd who asked some great questions, so big thanks to all who attended 🙂

In the past week I’ve also been lucky enough to visit Marni Graff’s blog in the States, to talk about The Cold Cold Sea, and Jane Turley’s in England, to talk about Winter Tales, Christmas presents, and humour in fiction.

For newbie(ish) writers like me, social media is important. I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. All three sites not only help me to ‘get the word out’ about my books, but also allow me to be in contact with other new and established writers. I ‘met’ Marni Graff on Facebook and after a brief chat she spontaneously invited me to do a guest post on her blog. She’ll be visiting my blog here shortly after Christmas. It’s a good example of how just ‘chatting’ online can help us both promote our books. And it’s fun, too! Unless one of us leaps across the Atlantic I don’t think I’ll ever meet Marni in real life, but that doesn’t make the contact any less real. Call her a penfriend – remember those? I had an American penfriend as a girl…

10733963_612817652162084_6901599758232948137_nAnother example of online contact working well is my involvement in Winter Tales. I honestly can’t remember where I ‘met’ my first ‘Write Romantic’ – they’re a lovely group of romance writers active on both Facebook and Twitter. I can’t even remember which of them I ‘met’ first, but at one point Deirdre popped up on Facebook, inviting me to contribute a story to their anthology, all proceeds of which go to The Teenage Cancer Trust and The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Of course I was happy to oblige!

Enter Jane Turley, who writes humour and whose book The Changing Room I read and loved earlier this year. I ‘met’ Jane on Twitter and G+ first, but it was on Facebook she saw a post of mine mentioning Winter Tales. This rang a bell with Jane for reasons she’ll be blogging about next week, and she invited me to write a guest post too.

So there you have it – contact on social media platforms isn’t ‘real life’ – but these online friendships can be just as real, as much fun, as helpful, as supportive, as any contact we have at work… or at the gym… or the library… I’ve now met three of my online friends in real life, and lovely ladies they all are. One of them also invited me to be part of a blog venture she’ll be posting (probably) in December – watch this space next Monday! (And if there’s nothing here, watch it again the first Monday in January 🙂 )

And as this is a special time of year in the States, I wish Marni and all my other American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend!





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6 Responses to How to mix social media with real life writing…

  1. jenanita01 says:

    thank you for reminding me that what we are trying to do, really works. For sometimes, especially for us newbies, it all seems a little overwhelming.


  2. Georgia Rose says:

    I agree with all you have written here Linda and I think as the life of a writer can be a quite solitary one it is good to have some outside interaction even if it is online. Being amongst others all in the same boat is also a help 🙂


    • lindahuber says:

      To be honest, Georgia, it’s my online friendships that make the writing journey fun. I’ve written stories since I was seven and I’ve always loved it, but all the post-publication stuff (and some of the pre-publication stuff too) we have to do isn’t ‘writing’ and I think we all give each other a tremendous amount of help and support, and a virtual shoulder to cry on if necessary. I wouldn’t be without any of you! 🙂


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