The beginning of the end…

Our days are numbered here in our new temporary flat. Okay, it’s still quite a big number as the new flat won’t be ready to inhabit until March – but that’s official now. Another removal is looming in the distance. What a horrible thought…

IMG_0274On the other hand, having done the whole thing just a year or so ago, we’ll be well-equipped to do it all again – won’t we?? After all, this time we’re merely moving from one three-bed flat into another. Last time, we were downsizing from a five-bed house with a three-room cellar into our soon-to-be-old temporary flat here. No comparison really. Except – we’ll still have to pack Every.Single.Thing.

So if anyone’s going to be moving house anytime soon, here are a few points to ponder…

1. Even if you’re well-supplied with used removal boxes, it’s a good idea to buy a few new ones too, for those precious items. New ones are definitely more robust. (memory of the bottom falling out of a large box last time; fortunately it ‘only’ contained office material)

2) If you have anything delicate and precious – a fatal combination when moving house – pack it yourself and transport it yourself too. I’ll be taking charge of my pottery sheep and my shells this time too.IMG_0189

3) Organise who does what with the removal firm. Let them do some of the packing – books, kitchen stuff etc. They are stronger, quicker, and better at removals than you are. (memory of spending hours packing up half the dining room stuff – the removal men then took approximately 7 minutes to do the other half)

4) Label all removal boxes and also all rooms in the new place. Do not use post-its for this – they fall off. I still have a couple adorning the car boot…

5) donuts-179248_1280On removal day, take tea/coffee-making equipment, cold drinks, and doughnuts for everyone in your own car. On arrival at the new place, put the kettle on. This ensures happy removal men/sons.

6) Last but not least, on no account whatsoever allow your younger son to unpack the kitchen stuff. My excuse is I was organising some books, but I still haven’t found the good potato peeler, and the large, handy cupboard was filled with things that we use once in a blue moon, like the chocolate fondue set and the silver polish.

Of course, there are about forty million more tips on the subject – but if anyone has a really good one, please let us know!




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11 Responses to The beginning of the end…

  1. James Cole says:

    A big job but suppose you have a bit of practice and it will be worth it,hope all goes well!


  2. James Cole says:

    Indeed,fingers crossed!


  3. cassam101 says:

    We’ve just moved to a flat owned by my son we were then going to take our time looking for a house. Day after we moved house sale fell through so we’ll be here a lot longer. There is no way I can unpack everything,clothes or kitchen goods as there’s no room here. I can understand exactly what you’ve been through. All I can say is for the first few days after the move I needed plenty of wine. And I will have to do it all again.


    • lindahuber says:

      Oh, I feel your pain. We’re in this temporary (very nice) flat because the bank advised us that it might take eighteen months to sell the house. It took three and a half days… and as the buyers were keen to move in, here we are. I’ve hung no pictures, and quite a lot of stuff is still in boxes so the feeling is very much ‘temporary’. And yes, wine is an absolute essential. Wish you all the very best!


  4. Good luck with the move, Linda! What? There are donuts in Switzerland? I must have overlooked them last time I was there (last year) Well, why not? There are tons of McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. etc. so why not donuts? Gee, the ancestors of the Sprüngli family probably turn around in their graves…


    • lindahuber says:

      I’m sure they’re doing just that, Christa! 🙂 Yes, donuts are everywhere now… even in the Migros… that’s globalisation for you!


      • I always kid my Swiss compatriots when the complain about the Americans and the “Americanization” and point out to them that I know of no other people who imitates them as much as the Swiss. Ha!


      • lindahuber says:

        That’s brave – only a Swiss-American can say that 🙂 It’s the same everywhere, I think. I used to be able to wow people with Swiss chocolate, nowadays they can go to Tescos and get it there. The only choc I take back now is Migros own brand. That’s still unobtainable in the UK…


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