One year on… if only they could talk!

cup-cake-255713_1280It’s been a whole year since The Paradise Trees came out. September 1st 2013 was the day, so a very happy birthday to my first book!

Most parents will agree, the first child is a bit of an experiment when it comes to bringing up our offspring. It’s no different with books… If The Paradise Trees could talk, the conversation, or discussion – or even the argument – would go something like this…

TPT: You didn’t announce me all over social media weeks before I appeared!
Me: I’m sorry. Back then I wasn’t aware that Facebook et al were so important in the run-up to publication. But you were the special one, you know, first born and all that!
TPT: So you made all your mistakes on me!
Me: I did my best. And I’m sure there are things that The Cold Cold Sea could complain about too.
TPT: You were MUCH nicer to him! He got loads more attention on his publication day!
Me: Well, we know a lot more people now. And they like you too, you know.
TPT: It’s not fair! Nobody retweeted me the second I came out!
Me: We didn’t actually join Twitter till you were nearly five months old… (Note to self: he’s right, that was a mistake…)
TPT: And you didn’t make my trailer until after you’d done his – and his has got video sequences!!
Me: I know, but I did your film all by myself. A real labour of love, it was…
TPT: And as for G+ and Goodreads…

Ah well – maybe it’s as well that books can’t talk. One thing I can honestly say is – I don’t think I’ve learned quite so much in one year since I left school. And I’m still learning. And hoping that TCCS won’t have quite so much to complain about when a younger sibling appears… but that’ll be another story!





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2 Responses to One year on… if only they could talk!

  1. Annecdotist says:

    LOL, Linda, hope you’re making up for that early neglect now. And very impressed that you got the second one out so soon after the first. Congratulations to all three of you.


    • lindahuber says:

      Thanks Anne – we’re a very happy family really! And TCCS was almost finished when Legend accepted The Paradise Trees, so I didn’t actually write the whole thing in 11 months. I do like to have a couple on the go at once, though, then if one sticks I’ve still got something to work on. All the best with your writing too!


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