Dear old Glasgow town…

IMG_0209Well, I had a brilliant time in Glasgow launching The Cold Cold Sea. The city was looking great after hosting the Commonwealth Games; flowers everywhere and a really good, energetic atmosphere in the air. I missed the Duke of Wellington wearing his golden traffic cone for the games, but here he is looking splendid – and his horse too! (Click for a clearer view)


Edin book fest 2014 009[2]The first highlight of my visit was visiting the Edinburgh Book Festival where I’d arranged to meet fellow-writer Alison Gray for the first time off-line. She brought my books with her for me to sign – I felt very writerly sitting there in the sunshine with my books! We chatted all afternoon and then went to see the ‘Voices in our Head’ event (which Alison has blogged about). And as you see by our matching outfits, we seem to have the same tastes in colours as well as books…

Another online friend I met was the Glasgow blogger Glasgowdragonfly. We met at The Tea Rooms on Bath Street and had morning coffee and very yummy cake – and as usual she had some good social media advice for me!

IMG_0251The launch party for The Cold Cold Sea was in Waterstone’s Argyll Street in Glasgow city centre where a good time was had by all. The photos will all be in the Gallery soon but this is one of my favourites – me and fellow Legendary writer Bea Davenport, who came all the way from Berwick-upon-Tweed to be with us.



In between book events there were a few other things going on too – quite a lot of catching up with old friends was on my programme, not to mention shopping, and for something completely different I went to Pollok Park one day, to the Highland Cow Show. Here are my favourites, aren’t they lovely?


IMG_0263Back to the books –  I had events with several book groups in libraries, ending up in Brookwood Library in Bearsden with a lovely crowd of people.

I’d like to thank everyone concerned for helping to make the first couple of weeks of ‘life’ for The Cold Cold Sea such an amazing time – I’ll never forget it!






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4 Responses to Dear old Glasgow town…

  1. Looks like you had a great time, all the best for the weeks to come! And it’s always great meeting online friends in “Real Life” isn’t it? Some of my oldest and dearest friends started off as online acquaintances.


  2. You obviously had a lot of fun and success visiting your home country! And, yes, these are beautiful cows!


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