Today, as well as being Swiss National Day, is the official publication day for me and The Cold Cold Sea! I can’t tell you how much this means to me; The Cold Cold Sea as a project has been on the go since last century… but for me at least, it’s been well worth the wait. Legend Press have created a beautiful book with my text, and we’ll be raising several glasses today to wish it well on its way.

As well as my publisher, I’d like to thank all you others who have helped, advised, inspired me, or otherwise chivvied me along this past year. I’ve met so many lovely people. One of them is – still – a ‘virtual’ friend, though we now have a date set to meet in real life – the Glasgowdragonfly, who has helped me through the often confusing but always fascinating world of Twitter. I’m on her blog today. Have a look, and a good browse round the rest of her stuff too. It’s a Lifestyle blog, so there are lots of interesting, quirky bits and pieces there – very entertaining!




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