Last-minute nerves and some very corny jokes…

It isn’t easy knowing what to post, two days before the official publication date of your second book. You have butterflies the size of bats whacking around in your tummy and you can’t settle down to any sensible activity. So here we have an extremely un-sensible post – corny book titles (from my English-teaching jokes collection). You have been warned…

Never judge a book by its author…

French Overpopulation               Francis Crowded

Leo Tolstoy                                    Warren Peace

Animal Illnesses                           Ann Thrax

Downpour!                                   Wayne Dwops

Lewis Carroll                                Alison Wonderland

Look Younger                               Fay Slift

House Construction                    Bill Jerome Home

Unemployed                                Anita Job

There are more, but maybe these are enough…

We’ll finish off with an absolute classic by Tom Gault. I can relate to this because not many people in The Cold Cold Sea reached the final version with their first draft names. I inadvertently named a Very Nasty Person after a relative, so that had to be changed, and then the new name didn’t go with… etc etc etc.


characters converse

Tomorrow, I’m guesting on a Glasgow Lifestyle blog courtesy of the Glasgowdragonfly… and the next day, it’s all systems go for The Cold Cold Sea!


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