Everything you’ve always wanted to know about cellars in Switzerland…

And yes, we really do. It’s a legal requirement in Switzerland that each inhabitant must have – within easy reach of his/her home – a nuclear fallout shelter. So today I’d like to invite you on a photo tour of the cellar in our new temporary flat. The rooms are actually half underground and have high windows or skylights, except, of course, the shelter.
ImageThis is the way in… then you clang the door shut and fix it with the giant yellow spanner.

Then you go on in and see this:


I wasn’t shown what’s in this double cupboard arrangement but they have locks like loos…

Anyway, let’s leave the fallout shelter and carry on down the corridor to the laundry room:Image

ImageThe inhabitants of the 12 flats in this block can use these machines, though quite a few of us have our own in the utility cupboards off our bathrooms. There are also two drying rooms in the cellar, each with a secomat to blow-dry the washing.

Further on we come to what might look like a cat and dog home, but what you see here is a double row of cellar compartments. Each flat has its own glory hole where you can keep your… stuff.


And as you see below, we have quite a lot of… stuff.


To finish off our tour, we can leave the cellar through the car and bike park:

ImageThe End of the cellar tour.

Please forgive the less-than-perfect photo arrangements; WordPress and I are still getting used to each other – but it’s all my own work now! 🙂


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