The Cold Cold Sea (2)

Yes – here it is – a new cover!

After literally weeks of discussion, trial and error, ‘what-if…’ ‘Could we…’ and ‘Darker – no, lighter…’ –  with the Legend Press designers, we eventually came up with the ‘old’ cover a couple of weeks ago. It conveyed the feeling of elemental power, and that fit excellently with the sea in my book. The sea plays a huge part in what happens. I think we all felt this cover was 99% perfect, and how often do you achieve 100% perfection in life?

Then at the beginning of the week someone had a brainwave, and the result is the cover below. The Cold Cold Sea is a personal, intimate story, and this time, the ‘personal’ aspect has priority. The two families in my book go through a very emotional time, and at the end they are both changed forever. You can just imagine families on that beach, children playing around the beach huts, running up and down to the water. Couples wandering along the sea line, hand in hand. Mums and Dads and tired, happy kids eating ice cream, laughing and squabbling together.

And so we decided to abandon our first choice, and go with this one. I think myself it’s 110% perfect for my story!

The sea? It’s on the back cover – menacing, beautiful, impersonal – and definitely very cold…



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