2013: The best of times and the worst of times…

I thought long and hard about what kind of blog post could possibly do justice to 2013. But there are some things that all the words in the world can’t describe; you have to be there, living the feeling. So here it is, the minimalist’s version.

2013, a personal view:

Best moment: holding The Paradise Trees for the first time.
Worst moment: the dog died.
New people: Legend Press team; writers like Bea and Jane.
Most challenging event: downsizing into temporary flat.
Most expensive purchase: a new flat (still half-built)
Most exhausting 24 hours: removal day.
Best short trip: London in springtime.
‘Holiday’: Scotland for launch activities – a very busy ‘holiday’ but it had its moments as fellow-Legend writer Bea Davenport can confirm!
Event that didn’t happen: Scotland with both sons, as one was doing military service… here’s to next time!
Worst thought: another removal coming up next winter.
Best fun: being in touch again with all those I’d almost lost touch with.
Biggest shock: washing machine prices. (Blog post coming soon)

Wish for 2014: more of the same please (except the dog… and the washing machine)

A big thank you to everyone, and Happy New Year!



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