Saturday, 21st September 2013

First ever blog post!

Well, 2013 has been quite some year, and it isn’t even three-quarters over yet! Having The Paradise Trees published by Legend Press has meant that at long last, I can hold my ‘baby’ in my hands – an amazing feeling.

The whole process has been amazing. I’ve learned such a lot about editing and how publishing works – and then there’s the whole social media thing too. Very fortunately for me my sons are a whole lot more knowledgeable there than I am (understatement of the century) and have been really helpful in getting this website, which is still a work in progress, up and running. We’ll be adding quite a lot more over the next few weeks, so keep looking in!

The whole ‘editing The Paradise Trees’ process was accompanied by our removal from largish house to medium-sized flat. Anyone who has ever downsized from 10 rooms including the cellar, to 4, will sympathize here. But we made it, and having the carrot of a soon-to-be-published book in front of my nose all the time made it almost enjoyable. Almost.

Last week I returned from an action-packed three weeks in Scotland, launching the book at Waterstone’s in Argyll Street in Glasgow – thanks to all involved, it was brilliant – and doing a series of library events in Edinburgh with fellow Legend-writer Bea Davenport. I felt as if I was in the middle of a dream the whole time – me, standing in a bookshop or library, talking to people with my book in my hands… doesn’t get much better than that.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Next time, I might even know how to post up photos!

To be continued…

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  1. Hi Linda, great to see your blog posts up and running. I love the new site too – looks very clean and professional. Enjoyed our events in Edinburgh so much. Hope our paths cross again soon!


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